Oracle of the Dreamtime

The Oracle of the Dreamtime is not only an oracle but a collection of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art. It's a very well-researched deck and the artwork and symbology is based on authentic Aboriginal Dreamings.

Created by Donni Hakanson
Oracle Deck - 45 Cards - Body, Mind & Spirit
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7sisters bogongmoth brolga frillneck gymealily kooka

Oracle of the Dreamtime review by Stephanie Lynch

These cards were gifted to me. The night I got them a group of us drew from the deck and passed the book around to read the meanings of the cards we had drawn. They are not like some oracular devices where nearly anything you read can be applied to you. These really struck at the heart of each and every person there.

These are definitely not Tarot and don't pretend to be like some other oracle decks. Each card is a link to some image or animal from the Australian Aboriginal mythology. The artwork is indicative of this as well. The color scheme is very dramatic in tans, browns, reds, blacks and whites as well as some blues and greens. Each image is drawn in the aboriginal style which is to say it is very stylized. The images appeal to me because I've long had an interest in this p... read more reviews.

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Theme: Australian
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Name: Oracle of the Dreamtime
Creators: Donni Hakanson
Publisher: Body, Mind & Spirit
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 45

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