Saint Deck

The Saint Deck is a fifty card divination deck-and-book set. Each card is linked with a different Christian saint, and is illustrated with the saint's emblems surrounded by a grey border containing keywords. While not a Tarot deck, some of the cards correlate with the 22 major arcana.

Created by Ann Trump, Karen Prioletti
Oracle Deck - 50 Cards - The Nanta Bagg
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Saint Deck review by Kate Hill

The Saint Deck - fifty cards aligned with Christian saints is the work of Karen Prioletti, the author, and Ann Trump, the illustrator, who are cousins from an Italian Catholic background. In their words:

"As kids, Ann and I took for granted these wonderful saints, always there to shield us, and there for every need. We never felt alone because we knew we could use the energy of the saints they were our protectors, on that precious piece of metal, doing their special jobs giving us comfort and to this day they still do."

The fifty saints used on the cards have been chosen from the full pantheon available because they were the ones to appear to the author and artist and make themselves known through invocations, meditations and pr... read more reviews.

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Name: Saint Deck
Creators: Ann Trump, Karen Prioletti
Publisher: The Nanta Bagg
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 50

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