Selves in a Box

Selves in a Box has 52 cards with collaged images of the 52 Selves (or aspects of your personality). It's a tool for self-exploration, created to integrate the psychological and spiritual and enable each Self to become known.

Created by J. Tamar Stone
Oracle Deck - 52 Cards - StillStone Press 2011
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Selves in a Box review by Hal & Sidra Stone

We see Selves in a Box as an entirely new concept in cards. It's a simple, practical, and - at the same time - soul-infused approach to working with the many selves that make up the human psyche. The Selves in a Box card deck opens a doorway to the "Magic Theater" of these selves. As you go through that door and look around, you will see that you are more than you think are. You will see an abundance of possibilities as you are introduced to the many selves that can be available to each one of us in our lifetime.

As the creators of Voice Dialogue and pioneers in working with these selves, we are awed by Tamar Stone's exquisitely creative presentation of the selves: by the beauty and magic of the card deck, and by the remarkably insightful guide that accompanies it. And, as her fa... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Selves in a Box
Creators: J. Tamar Stone
Publisher: StillStone Press 2011
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 52
Card Language: English

Companion Material: 144-page guidebook with collaged images of 52 Selves, a detailed portrait for each, and multiple draws and spreads.

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