Shaman Wisdom Cards

An oracle deck inspired by Native American Shamanism, the Shaman Wisdom deck has 65 cards divided into trees, moons, stones, plants, animals and directions.

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Oracle Deck - 65 Cards - US Games

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Shaman Wisdom Cards review by Bonnie Cehovet

I have wanted to work with the Shaman Wisdom Cards for a long time now. They kept appearing as "Card A Day" draws on various Tarot and non-Tarot lists that I am on so, as with all things, their time finally came and I am now happily ensconced in playing with them! I knew that the cards were based on Native American wisdom - what I was surprised to see is that the deck was printed in Italy.

The cards are 2 3/4" by 4 3/4" - a very nice size for smaller hands to work with. They are printed on high quality, glossy card stock - which is a good thing, becasue they will see much use in this house! The backs have a 1/4" white border, with a 1/4" darker, reddish-brown border surrounding a ligh... read more reviews or write a review.

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Theme: Native American

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Name: Shaman Wisdom Cards
Publisher: US Games
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 65

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