Steampunk Tarot

The Steampunk Tarot reveals an opulent and technological empire through the steampunk essentials of Victoriana, adventure and machines. The majors are linked with the Gods of the Machine, and the suits are Airships, Engines, Submersibles and Leviathans.

Created by Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, Wil Kinghan
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Connections 2012
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Steampunk Tarot review by Mythic Silence

“The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine” is a 78 card Tarot deck written by John and Caitlín Matthews and illustrated by Wil Kinghan. This deck is published by Tuttle Publishing. The cards measure 2.75 x 4.75 inches and the backs are reversible.


The cards are packaged in a sturdy box with a lift off lid. Inside there is space for the book and a plastic divider to house the cards. It was nice to receive a deck and book set with a box that did not have smashed corners. Additionally, the box can be stored without the fear of it being crushed or falling apart. The cardstock is fairly thick and should be able to withstand regular use. I had no qualms about riffling it.

Extra Materials (Book):

The accompanying book is 160 pages of well-organ... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Steampunk Tarot
Creators: Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, Wil Kinghan
Publisher: Connections 2012
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56

Card Size: 3.00 x 4.75 in. = 7.62cm x 12.07cm
Card Language: English

Companion Material: 160-page companion book.

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