Tarot of the Orishas

The Tarot of the Orishas is a bilingual Spanish/English Tarot deck that has 25 Major Arcana cards, and uses the four suits but without court cards. Element and Message cards have been added instead.

Created by Durkon, Zolrak
Tarot Deck - 77 Cards - Llewellyn 1995 Llewellyn 2013
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Tarot of the Orishas review by Bonnie Cehovet

Suits: Air, Water, Earth, Fire Court Cards: none

I absolutely love this deck - the energy level is tremendous, the graphics have a soft, fairy tale quality to them. (Lovely pastel coloring.) The deal is - despite its name - this is not a Tarot deck! It is a wonderful oracle - just not a Tarot deck. :)

There are 25 cards that roughly correspond to the Major Arcana (see below) and 52 cards assigned to the four elements - 13 cards to each element. The 25 Major cards are unnumbered, and represent Orishas (Orixas/Orichas), which roughly translate to saints, supernatural beings or superhuman beings. They are the pure energy of the Divine - i.e. Yemaya is the Orixa of saltwater, of the sea, and would represent that force in nature.

The 25 Major cards,... read more reviews.

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Name: Tarot of the Orishas
Creators: Durkon, Zolrak
Publisher: Llewellyn 1995
Publisher: Llewellyn 2013
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 77
Card Language: Spanish, English

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