Madru: Das Baum Tarot

Also known as das Baum Tarot, Tree Tarot

The Tree Tarot (das Baum Tarot) is a German deck that assigns a tree to each major card. The illustrations are focused on the head and shoulders of the traditional Rider-Waite characters, and each card shows the figure with its associated planetary, zodiac, tree and Hebrew letter. The cards are small, about playing card size.

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Created by F. Hetmann, Tilman Michalski
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Königs Furt (Germany) 2000

Card Images from the Madru: Das Baum Tarot

baumagi baulove bautod baubirn baueich bauholl

Madru: Das Baum Tarot review by Kate Hill

The Tree Tarot (or das Baum-Tarot) is a 22 card major arcana only deck. Based on a German book that translates to 'Madru - of the Great Forest', the creators of this deck have assigned a particular Northern European tree to each card, representing certain situations in human life - hopes, fears, desires, conflict, wishes.

Living in subtropical Australia, I do not often see European trees. I didn't recognise all or even most of the trees when looking through the cards, especially as the explanatory titles and text are all in German - it is a German published deck.

Fortunately, not all cards are esoteric timbers; some, like Apple (the World) or Pear (the Tower) are obvious. Other cards show Ivy assigned to the Death card, Walnut to the Wheel card, and Larch to the Hanged Man. A ... read more reviews.

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Theme: Herb & Plant, Nature
Category: Small-Size Decks

More About These Cards

Name: Madru: Das Baum Tarot
Alternate Names: das Baum Tarot, Tree Tarot
Creators: F. Hetmann, Tilman Michalski
Publisher: Königs Furt (Germany) 2000
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Major Titles: 0 Der Narr/Birke (The Fool/Birch), I Der Magier/Buche (The Magician/Beech), II Die Gottin/Erle (High Priestess/Alder, III Die Furstin/Linde (Empress/Linden), IV Der Furst/Tanne (Emperor/Fir), V Der Gott/Pappel (Hierophant/Poplar), VI Die Liebenden/Heckenrose (The Lovers/Hedge Rose), VII Der Wagenlenker/Hainbuche (Charioteer/Hornbeam), VIII Die Gerechtigkeit/Eiche (Justice/Oak), IX Der Einsiedler/Haselnuss (Hermit/Hazelnut), X Das Rad Des Lebens/Walnuss (The Wheel (of Life)/Walnut), XI Die Kraft/Wacholder (Strength/Juniper), XII Die Prufung/Larche (Hanging Man/Larch (or Tamarack)), XIII Der Tod/Efeu (Death/Ivy), XIV Die Massigung/Kiefer (Temperance/Pine), XV Der Damon/Eberesche (Devil/Mountain Ash), XVI Der Turm/Birnbaum (The Tower/Pear), XVII Die Sternenfrau/Kirschbaum (The Star/Cherry), XVIII Die Mondfrau/Holunder (The Moon/Elder), XIX Die Sonnenfrau/Ginster (The Sun/Gorse (broom)), XX Das Gericht/W
The Fool is 0
Strength is 11
Justice is 8
Card Language: German
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: The card backs are white, with green printed trees in three styles diagonally across the cards lengthwise.

Companion Material: There is a separate book available for the deck (the deck and book are also available as a set). There are 9 cards in the deck that serve as the LWB, and the title cards. Packaged in a plastic case.

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