Madru: Das Baum Tarot

Also known as das Baum Tarot, Tree Tarot

The Tree Tarot (das Baum Tarot) is a German deck that assigns a tree to each major card. The illustrations are focused on the head and shoulders of the traditional Rider-Waite characters, and each card shows the figure with its associated planetary, zodiac, tree and Hebrew letter. The cards are small, about playing card size.

Created by F. Hetmann, Tilman Michalski
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Königs Furt (Germany) 2000
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baumagi baulove bautod baubirn baueich bauholl

Madru: Das Baum Tarot review by Kate Hill

The Tree Tarot (or das Baum-Tarot) is a 22 card major arcana only deck. Based on a German book that translates to 'Madru - of the Great Forest', the creators of this deck have assigned a particular Northern European tree to each card, representing certain situations in human life - hopes, fears, desires, conflict, wishes.

Living in subtropical Australia, I do not often see European trees. I didn't recognise all or even most of the trees when looking through the cards, especially as the explanatory titles and text are all in German - it is a German published deck.

Fortunately, not all cards are esoteric timbers; some, like Apple (the World) or Pear (the Tower) are obvious. Other cards show Ivy assigned to the Death card, Walnut to the Wheel card, and Larch to the Hanged Man. A ... read more reviews.

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Theme: Herb & Plant, Nature
Category: Small-Size Decks

More About These Cards

Name: Madru: Das Baum Tarot
Alternate Names: das Baum Tarot, Tree Tarot
Creators: F. Hetmann, Tilman Michalski
Publisher: Königs Furt (Germany) 2000
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Major Titles: 0 Der Narr/Birke (The Fool/Birch), I Der Magier/Buche (The Magician/Beech), II Die Gottin/Erle (High Priestess/Alder, III Die Furstin/Linde (Empress/Linden), IV Der Furst/Tanne (Emperor/Fir), V Der Gott/Pappel (Hierophant/Poplar), VI Die Liebenden/Heckenrose (The Lovers/Hedge Rose), VII Der Wagenlenker/Hainbuche (Charioteer/Hornbeam), VIII Die Gerechtigkeit/Eiche (Justice/Oak), IX Der Einsiedler/Haselnuss (Hermit/Hazelnut), X Das Rad Des Lebens/Walnuss (The Wheel (of Life)/Walnut), XI Die Kraft/Wacholder (Strength/Juniper), XII Die Prufung/Larche (Hanging Man/Larch (or Tamarack)), XIII Der Tod/Efeu (Death/Ivy), XIV Die Massigung/Kiefer (Temperance/Pine), XV Der Damon/Eberesche (Devil/Mountain Ash), XVI Der Turm/Birnbaum (The Tower/Pear), XVII Die Sternenfrau/Kirschbaum (The Star/Cherry), XVIII Die Mondfrau/Holunder (The Moon/Elder), XIX Die Sonnenfrau/Ginster (The Sun/Gorse (broom)), XX Das Gericht/W
The Fool is 0
Strength is 11
Justice is 8
Card Language: German
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: The card backs are white, with green printed trees in three styles diagonally across the cards lengthwise.

Companion Material: There is a separate book available for the deck (the deck and book are also available as a set). There are 9 cards in the deck that serve as the LWB, and the title cards. Packaged in a plastic case.

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