Trilateral Tarot

The Trilateral Tarot: Universal Truths Consciousness deck has 22 cards shaped as equilateral triangles. The shape allows for three orientations for each card - upright, left and right (relating to the conscious, unconscious and meta-conscious). The card art has been developed from scraps of cloth arranged in collage. The deck and booklet is available in a limited edition from the artist.

Created by Mara Thorson
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Self Published 2012
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Trilateral Tarot review by Mara Thorson

Thoughts on the Trilateral Tarot by creator, Mara Thorson

Trilateral Tarot offers what I believe is a unique approach to the traditional Major Arcana. Each of the twenty-two hand-crafted cards in this deck and book set:

- Portrays a familiar yet unique symbolic representation of the conventional Trumps.
- Mirrors a Universal Truth or Law associated with the card.
- Parallels three psycho-metaphysical interpretations based on the specific card and its direction in the Tarot spread.

The idea for these triangular-shaped Trump cards emerged in stages. They evolved from thoughts about the traditional Tarot images and the meanings, names and numbers generally assigned to them. It began as a reflection on my first encounter with the Tarot ... read more reviews.

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Name: Trilateral Tarot
Creators: Mara Thorson
Publisher: Self Published 2012
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22

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