Visual Zodiac

The Visual Zodiac is a 78-card oracle deck that illustrates all possible combinations of astrological signs and the zodiac. Although the structure is based on astrology rather than tarot, it can be used as a divinatory tool. The deck is complete, and seeking a publisher.

Created by Alejandro C. Luna, Nil Orange
Oracle Deck - 78 Cards - Seeking a Publisher
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Visual Zodiac review by M. Grace Melucci

If it's got 78 cards, it must be a tarot deck, right? Well, maybe not. Despite the number, the Visual Zodiac oracle is based not on tarot but on astrology. By an intriguing coincidence it works out to be the same number of cards as a tarot. The first twelve cards are each assigned a sign of the zodiac. The rest of the cards each get two signs. All possible combinations are covered, and this is what gives us 78.

The art is atmospheric, minimalist, and evocative. It's a simple style that conveys a lot of emotion, and expresses clearly the personality types of the zodiac. There's some clever takes on the individual signs: a circus ringmaster for Leo, a magician of dark arts for S... read more reviews.

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Theme: Astrology
Creator: Orange Luna Tarot by Nil Orange Orange Luna Tarot by Alejandro C. Luna

More About These Cards

Name: Visual Zodiac
Creators: Alejandro C. Luna, Nil Orange
Publisher: Seeking a Publisher
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 78
Card Language: English

Extra Info: Find out more about this deck at the artist's website.

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