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Tarot Wayang

The Tarot Wayang is an unusual tarot based on wayang kulit, Indonesion shadow puppet performances, and designed to introduce tarot to an Indonesian audience.

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Created by Ani Sekarningsih
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Grasindo

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Card Images from the Tarot Wayang

waydewa waydewirat wayganung waygareng waysamar waygaruda

Tarot Wayang review by Sandra A. Thomson

Picture this. You are in a small village somewhere in Indonesia. It is late in the evening and you are sitting on the ground. In the dark, a coconut oil lamp flickering behind a large white cloth screen stretched between wooden poles, casts the only light. From behind the cloth comes music performed by four musicians (the gendér wayang) on xylophone-like instruments. You are at one of the frequent and ever-popular wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performances, on which the Tarot Wayang deck is based. More accurately, the Tarot Wayang beautifully depicts photographs of some of the characters/puppets (known as wayang) used in the shadow puppet plays.

In the actual wayang kulit, a dalang, or priest puppeteer, sits cross-legged behind the screen as he manipulates the flat, elabora...
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Theme: Eastern

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Name: Tarot Wayang
Creators: Ani Sekarningsih
Publisher: Grasindo
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
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