The Wisdom Keepers Oracle

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle is a unique and charming oracle deck, with 64 'faces of awakening' - 64 different people expressing the emotion or theme of the cards. It's designed as a compassionate and empowering tool of self-acceptance and understanding.

Created by Rosy Aronson
Oracle Deck - 64 Cards - Seal Pup Press 2015

Card Images from the The Wisdom Keepers Oracle

Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-1 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-2 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-3 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-4 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-5 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-6 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-7 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-8 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-9 Wisdom-Keepers-Oracle-10

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Name: The Wisdom Keepers Oracle
Creators: Rosy Aronson
Publisher: Seal Pup Press 2015
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 64

Card Size: 3.74 x 5.51 in. = 9.50cm x 14.00cm
Card Language: English

Companion Material: The deck includes a mini-guidebook, or a larger 300-page companion book is available separately.

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