The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle

The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle tunes into the energies of trees and nature spirits, directing them for use in divination. The deck has 40 cards divided into four suits: Roots, Trunks, Leaves, and Flower, Fruit and Seed.

Created by Jane Struthers, Meraylah Allwood
Oracle Deck - 40 Cards - Watkins 2017
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The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle review by medusawink

Trees are part of our consciousness of the sacred. In almost every culture around the world in both the past and present trees are recognised as being representative of or belonging to higher powers and old gods. From Artemis’ sacred cypresses to Yggdrasil connecting the nine worlds of the Norse gods, sacred groves of olives near Athens, the nemeton of the Gaulish Druids, to the many sacred groves of the Hindu gods of India, of the Shinto shrines in Japan, to the sacred forests of the Lakota and other native American peoples, in such diverse countries as the Baltic states, Germany, Estonia, Ghana, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Thailand, trees are regarded as having special spiritual significance. They feature strongly in folklore and fairytales, and impart their wisdom to heroes and com... read more reviews.

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Theme: Nature
Creator: Destiny Tarot by Jane Struthers

More About These Cards

Name: The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle
Creators: Jane Struthers, Meraylah Allwood
Publisher: Watkins 2017
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 40

Card Size: 3.07 x 4.25 in. = 7.80cm x 10.80cm

Companion Material: 80-page guidebook is packaged with the deck

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