Woodland Wisdom Oracle

The Woodland Wisdom Oracle is a deck of 29 cards of fairy and elf energies. 24 are 'Green Working Wisdom' cards, and 5 are 'Gold Power' cards. The art is pretty and illustrated by fantasy artist, Peter Pracownik.

Created by Peter Pracownik, Frances Munro
Oracle Deck - 29 Cards - US Games 2011
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Woodland Wisdom Oracle review by Bonnie Cehovet

The fairy and elf energies presented within this book were brought to Rev. Munro through his guide. Each energy was described in detail, including their personalities, colors associated with them, and how they should be portrayed. The author and her husband asked to be guided to right person to illustrate this deck, and were lead to Peter Pracownik, who not only has a great eye for detail, but a wonderful understanding of mythological and Earth spirits.

In her LWB (Little White Book), Rev. Munro talks about how to use this deck. There are 29 cards 24 Green Working Wisdom cards, and 5 Gold Power cards. Three cards are selected from the Working Wisdom cards they represent the main meaning of the reading. One card is drawn from the Gold Power cards this card reinforces the pow... read more reviews.

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Name: Woodland Wisdom Oracle
Creators: Peter Pracownik, Frances Munro
Publisher: US Games 2011
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 29
Card Language: English

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