Enlightenment Pack

The Enlightenment Pack was created by psychologist Chuck Spezzano, and has 48 cards divided into six suits: Victim (guilt), Unconscious (independence), Relationship (fears), Healing (communication), Gift (beauty) and Grace (innocence).

Created by Chuck Spezzano
Tarot Deck - 48 Cards - Bear & Co
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Enlightenment Pack review by purple_scorp

The Enlightenment Pack by Chuck Spezzano

I first discovered the Enlightenment Cards when I visited The Psychology of Vision website in my search for information regarding another Oracle deck (The Love Pack, published in 2002).

Both decks were created by Dr Chuck Spezzano (a Doctor of Psychology) and although they share a number of similarities (artwork, repeated card names etc) each deck is quite unique and has a specific purpose. The Enlightenment Pack consists of a deck of 48 Enlightenment Cards and a 118-page Enlightenment Book. It is a relatively new oracle deck, having been published in 1996, and its creator believes that our mind and heart can be trapped or blocked, and it is necessary to let go of illusions, attachments, suffering and other forms of blinding mistake... read more reviews.

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Creator: Love Pack by Chuck Spezzano

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Name: Enlightenment Pack
Creators: Chuck Spezzano
Publisher: Bear & Co
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 48

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