Sunrise/Sunset Tarot

The Sunrise/Sunset Tarot is a dual set of two majors-only tarot decks, created by Italian artist Giovanni Monti. The two 22-card decks are only sold together, and can be used together or separately.

Created by Giovanni Monti
Tarot Deck - 44 Cards - Museo dei Tarocchi
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Sunrise/Sunset Tarot review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Sunrise Tarot and Sunset Tarot decks are Major Arcana only, and are sold as a set. The decks are both shrink wrapped, and come in a cardboard box with title cards and a wax seal on the lid. This is a limited Edition set of 100, hand numbered and signed by the artist.

There is a Deluxe Version (limited to 30 sets) that come in a luxurious wooden box with title cards and a wax seal on the lid, 20 postcards, and one illustration from the Sunrise Tarot or the Sunset Tarot, hand signed by artist Giovanni Monti.

Giovanni Monti is an Italian painter, photographer and video artist who manages the exhibition space 'Fantomars' in Bologna (Italy), as well as writing a popular art blog. In the Sunrise & Sunset Tarots Monti creates a gateway into dreamtime, into hidden concerns, an... read more reviews.

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Category: Multiple Decks
Creator: Tarocchi del Respiro by Giovanni Monti

More About These Cards

Name: Sunrise/Sunset Tarot
Creators: Giovanni Monti
Publisher: Museo dei Tarocchi
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 44
Major Arcana: 44

Card Size: 3.75 x 5.00 in. = 9.53cm x 12.70cm
Card Language: None
Card Back: Non-reversible

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