You Are Wiser Than You Think: A Whole New Approach To Giving Guidance

Learn how to give guidance effectively by first understanding yourself and the power of your own life experience. This new technique introduces you to your three aspects: the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual. Once you have a balanced relationship with these three parts, nothing is out of reach! The book also comes with a companion meditation CD. Read an excerpt.

By Shanon · Book · Self Published

Review by Diane Andrus

I read this book out of curiosity because I work with people and their emotional selves. This is what I liked about it.

  • Practical, down to earth information that enables you to tap into your own inner wisdom.
  • Easy yet, powerful exercises that anyone can do, provide experiential firsthand knowledge of the material.
  • Perfect for individuals ready to take responsibility for creating the life they want.
  • Information useful for the novice to the expert.
  • Invaluable to those wanting a guide for giving guidance to others that is ethical, and practical. Provides a framework to begin. Encourages the process which allows growth for all concerned.
  • Challenges the reader to examine her/his own beliefs and motivations thus getting out of her/his own way to allow clear information to come through.
  • Tips on ways to present difficult information.
  • Explores the concept that some information received by the reader is best not shared. What to share, how to share, when to share.
  • Whose responsibility is it anyway? The value of trust, intention and allowing anothers Divinity to have control.
  • Self-respect, respecting others. How a session can be invalidated without these.
  • You can do it!

I love the Words to the Wise tips sprinkled throughout the book. The tips highlight the writer's point and summarize what has been said. The book encourages the reader to set her/his intentions to continually strive for improvement, and information to achieve this is provided.

The exercises are not difficult. For those willing to be completely honest with themselves astounding results can quickly happen. By a regular practice of the exercises mastery can be achieved -- a more balanced life, getting to know ones self, and better interpersonal communication.

Diane has worked with young children and their parents in the capacity of teacher and administrator. She transitioned into real esate and again is working in situations where emotions can run high. Keeping centered and balanced is important to her and those she works with.

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