About Aeclectic Tarot

Hi! I'm Kate and I'm the founder, owner, editor, webmaster and pretty much everything-er of Aeclectic Tarot. I'm a long-time Tarot reader, student, deck collector, and Tarot lover.

Kate (aka Solandia)

I've adored Tarot since the beginning for the beauty of its artwork. It blew my mind that such talented artists were willing to make not one or two but seventy-eight pieces of art in order to create a tarot deck - what a labour of love!

And then when I discovered that there were not only a handful of Tarot decks but dozens, hundreds, even thousands... it became the love of a lifetime.

The diversity of Tarot is my other love. Its structure is so flexible it can accommodate artistic themes featuring cats, computers, seasons or zombies; extra suits and major arcana, transparent cards or double-sided cards.

It also has endless areas of study for those inclined - astrology or gematria or medieval symbolism or Golden Dawn occultism. Or, none at all, if you prefer the intuitive side of Tarot and to let the scenes speak for themselves, as I do.

As for Aeclectic Tarot, I started it way back in the pre-history of the Internet in the late 1990s. I'd just learned how to create personal web pages and Tarot was also my hobby at the time so it seemed natural to combine the two.

From an online collection with less than ten different tarot decks, it grew over the years with help from all around the world and the Internet. Indies, self-publishers and big publishers alike all contributed.

These days, there are more than 2000 wonderful, amazing, fascinating Tarot decks, plus related Oracle and Lenormand decks. All with sample cards (yes, I scanned in most of them personally) and usually with full reviews from Tarot lovers as well.

For seventeen years, Aeclectic also included the biggest and most active Tarot community online, the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. I ran this (you might remember me there as Solandia) along with the help of a fantastic team of moderators and volunteers until mid-2017, until life took me in a different direction.

The Forum is still around, however, just archived. All the discussions on every single detail of Tarot you could possibly imagine - and then some - and still online and available to read. To everyone who was involved in the Forum and in the busiest times of Aeclectic Tarot - thank you! I remember you.

And if you're new here, welcome! I hope you find your perfect tarot deck and enjoy your journey with Tarot even more than I have.

Kate (aka Solandia)