The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection

Almost every tarot deck comes with that little white booklet with some generic spreads in the back - and always with the Celtic Cross spread.

But how many times have you tried the Celtic Cross and found it just too confusing and it didn't really answer your question? If you're anything like me, a lot!

I decided to solve this for you by hand-picking 100+ of my favourite original tarot spreads, all created by expert readers from the tarot community.

You won't find generic, space-filling spreads in The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection...

Just four eBooks full of beautifully illustrated, fully explained, and incredibly useful tarot spreads for every question.

Here's A Sneak Peek Inside The eBook Collection...

  • Show Me the Money - Find out exactly what you need to do to find and keep prosperity in your life

  • Waiting For The Ring Spread - when you're waiting for someone to call, to text, to propose.. this is the spread for clarity and helpful advice!

  • The Dread Spread - find out the source of your bad feeling and what you can do to stop the anxiety and regain your life

  • How Does My Sick Pet Feel? - Gain insight into your beloved animal when they can't speak for themselves

  • Our Purpose Spread - Find out your true gifts, opportunities to grow, and how you can truly serve

These are just a teaser of the 100 spreads on every topic you can imagine (and then some) in the complete collection!

PLUS - The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection comes with two free bonus cheatsheets...

  • The Tarot Guide to Love & Feelings for instant answers to your questions of love and romance.

  • Tarot Meanings Cheatsheet with 78 quick and clear interpretations for fast readings.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"Thank you so much for the Complete Tarot Spreads Collection!!! Awesome, awesome, both! I appreciate the comprehensive detail you poured into its production - it's beautiful, rich, and so useful! I love it!" - Christina

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