Preparing For The Perfect Tarot Reading

Set yourself up for successful Tarot readings every time with hand-picked timeless advice from the tarot reading community.

You might not know this, but I ran a huge tarot community for almost 20 years. There were so many amazing conversations between tarot lovers on every single possible aspect of tarot cards and tarot readings.

We had many funny, wise, profound and enlightening discussions from some of the best tarot readers and experts of the time. I loved reading them then, and I still read them over when I need advice now.

And I got inspired to collect and share the greatest conversations with you, and created Preparing For The Perfect Tarot Reading!

It's an eBook collection of the best conversations with best advice I could find to set you up for successful readings, all organised in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow way.

  • Discover how to ground and center yourself before a reading, and the best pre-reading rituals.

  • Find out how to ask the right questions for the most accurate readings.

  • Ask the right way to get the answers you need for love and relationship questions.

  • Discover a huge list of tarot questions for inspiration (if you're really stuck on what to ask).

  • Find out the best ways to shuffle and draw cards, and what to do about dropped cards and 'jumpers'.

  • It has everything you need to know to set you up with a solid foundation for your readings.

    PLUS - as I found so many conversations that were too good not to share, I created two bonus eBooks to help you when the cards aren't working for you.

    • When Readings Don't Work, so you know what to do when your readings are confused, scattered or just don't make sense.

    • Get Out Of A Tarot Rut for suggestions, exercises, and unorthodox ways to renew your enthusiasm for your cards, and turn then from a chore to a delight.

    Get ready to transform your readings today!