Pointing to my Heart

'Pointing to my Heart: poetry journey through the Visconti-Sforza Tarot' is a whimsical and contemplative look at the cards of the 15th century deck. Twenty-two poems are presented side by side with their corresponding card images, shown unaltered and in their original state.

By Stewart S. Warren · Book - 68 pages · Published by Mercury HeartLink

Review by Arnell Ando

It is a special breed of creative individuals that are drawn to the mystical realms of the Tarot. These often hidden dimensions of philosophical and artistic offerings are habitually shunned or misunderstood by the general public who has long been frightened away by murky misconceptions and superstition. So it is a rare delight when someone gifted not only recognizes the Tarot’s significance to our existence but can also translate this understanding into another medium for further reflection & meditation.

A fascination with the Tarot is shared amongst a diverse but small community of scholars, historians, readers, artists and writers. Perhaps for its layered, cryptic symbolism or the promise of a deeper meaning to our universe, or an enchantment with the timeless imagery that reflects differently with each gaze or conjuring. The hand painted masterpieces of the historically rich and visually stunning Visconti-Sforza Tarot of the 15th-century only become more magnificent and impactful upon scholarly scrutiny and deliberation.

Stewart S. Warren’s poems are whimsical and spirited while also being compelling contemplations of each Visconti card as it appears on the surface and how it communicates on more mysterious levels. His poems give subtle glimpses into the colorful aura of these cherished Tarot cards of the Italian Renaissance. History indicates that the nobility for whom these original Visconti cards were first created would share amusing and evocative ways through which to express their meanings including poetry. Here Mr. Warren has divined personal and universal connotations that are true to our collective understanding of these mysterious cards while adding earthly notes and nuances worth savoring. And with the beat and rhythm of a contemporary poet he offers lyrical looks at these Tarot trumps while sharing new directions for finding the way back home.

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