The Tao of Tarot

In "The Tao of Tarot: The Way to Health, Happiness and Spiritual Illumination through Qigong Dreaming", tarot is combined with the body/mind practice of Spiral Qigong and the imagery of dreamtime. The book takes the reader through a series of initiations that move them through their spiritual and psychological growth.

By Christina Bjergo · Book · Published by O Books

Review by Bonnie Cehovet

I have worked with the Tarot and dreamtime for many years, and was pleased to see that them being honored as tools of healing – both physical and spiritual healing. Specifically, Tarot is seen as a tool of initiation in this book, an initiation that leads to health, happiness and spiritual truth.

Here the Tarot is combined with the body/mind practice of Spiral Qigong, a modality that is easy to learn, and very empowering. It is a meditative exercise that can be used by individuals from all spiritual backgrounds, with the intention of enhancing physical well being and living in harmony.

The “Tao of Tarot” takes the reader through a series of initiations that move them through their spiritual and psychological growth, activating true alchemical transformation. By activating the alchemical/kundalini energy within, the reader opens themselves to effortless sacred dreaming.

Through the imagery of dreamtime, Bjergo was able to enhance her intuitive connection to the divine. This is brought forth in a very vivid manner when she is discussing the over six week period when her father was being held hostage. While most of her family was quietly contemplating the possibility of having to plan her father’s funeral, Bjergo had a moment when she realized that she needed to acknowledge her fears, not set them aside, or try and ignore them. In a dream state, Bjergo saw dark clouds in the sky when meditating on her father. Too tired to push them back, she allowed them. Suddenly she found herself in a state of pure being. She realized that the energy had shifted, and the clouds were lightening, creating a circle. Where the clouds had parted, the sun appeared, strong and bright. At this moment, she knew that her father would be all right. Hours later she got word that her father had been rescued by Iraqi troops.

The presentation in this book takes place on several different levels. There is that of dreaming, of using simple Qigong techniques to help promote dreams, and the recall of dreams. Through dreams, and the understanding of dream imagery, the connection to the unconscious, and the divine, is strengthened and flows in a seamless manner.

Bjergo makes working with dreamtime very real by sharing her own personal journey, and her own dreams, as they shaped her personal growth process and helped her to understand what was going on in her life. Her dreams, and her interpretation of the imagery in them, is a workbook in and of itself. It is empowerment at its finest!

For me, as a student of he Tarot, I appreciated her inclusion of the Tarot in both the dream process and the initiation process. There is some wonderful material here on the five elements theory of Chinese Medicine, and the esoteric alchemy contained within the cards. Bjergo discuses not only the alchemical reaction associated by each card, but how the card’s imagery represents alchemical energy. This is highly esoteric material brought down to a level that everyone can understand without having it “dumbed down” at all.

Many spiritual traditions are referred to in this book, making it a reference that anyone can use and understand. The work here is to form a strong and continuing connection with the Divine – whatever we perceive it to be.

Throughout this book are very interesting photographs that present the material being discussed in image format. Images such as a Native American Dreamcatcher, a golden dragon, and a golden goblet from the Ankara Museum in Turkey bring this book to life.

Included at the end of the book is a bibliography, an extensive glossary of Qigong terms and a working description of how to perform Spiral Qigong.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to work with dreamtime, or with Qigong. You don’t have to know anything about any of the three modalities presented here (dreamtime, Tarot or Qigong) to benefit from this book. Qigong brings the practitioner in contact with their own bodies, and helps them to move about more freely, and not hold energy, memories or emotions. The freeing of the body, and the shift in perception of body image for the practitioner, allows dreaming to develop in a smooth, free flowing manner. Through the Tarot, the practitioner will develop a better understanding of the esoteric/alchemical transformation they are undergoing. This book is a gift – a tremendous gift!

© Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over ten years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer.

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