Tarot Companion

A reference guide with basic card meanings and information plus a broad overview of tarot's correspondences with astrology, runes, numerology, colours, qabbalah and time. The appendix also contains twenty tarot spreads.

By Tracy Porter · Book · Published by Llewellyn

Review by Solandia

So many tarot artists draw on other systems when making their cards - Astrology, numerology, Qabbalah and the Runes being the most popular. The cards can be confusing for the newcomer when the author combines two or more disparate systems in the one deck, but the Tarot Companion can help the beginner.

Intended as an accompaniment to a book like Tarot: Plain and Simple - which focuses on in-depth meanings on individual cards - the Tarot Companion gives a sweeping and rather shallow look of tarot as a whole and the systems and correspondences added to the cards over the last few hundred years.

Included are brief (often too brief) descriptions and many charts of correspondances, as you'd expect, for Qabbalah, numerology, elemental astrology, runes, I-ching and colour. The spread of information is impressive and covers all major metaphysical systems, but only the barest details are given in explanation.

The Tarot Companion is a small glossy handbook that offers a brief introduction to the Qabbalah and other popular systems. It is an interesting read the first time, but not of enough depth to be truly useful as a reference manual.

Kate Hill is the owner, founder and editor of Aeclectic Tarot, and has reviewed more than 200 decks over the years.

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