Your Past - Present - Future Tarot Reading

The insight to your question about your past, present and future situation lies below. First, observe the symbols and images in your tarot cards, then slowly take in the wisdom in your reading.

Two of Wands

Unknown opportunity. Creative strengh, confidence in business. Waiting for something or someone to help or provide support or backing. Duality. Excitement in starting a new endeavor.

High Priestess

Secrets kept and secrets revealed. Study, knowledge, occultism. The brink of a great revelation. Book learning without experience.

Five of Wands

If you do nothing, you gain nothing! Stand out from the rest and do something to break free! Be brave and know if you try you can make it happen...if you do nothing, you gain nothing! Competition helps use to better ourselves but can also cause anger and fear. Face your fear and know succeeding is Trying!

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