Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

A man holds tight to his four pentacles in this card. The man in the Three of Pentacles, who got work, money, luck, health is, in this card, holding on tight to what he developed. He is not investing it or spending it or sharing it; he is not trying to get more work or add on a new room to his house. He is just trying to keep things still and unchanging.

This is sometimes called the miser card, but that may be too harsh a judgment on it. There are times when it's good to hold onto what you have and this card can be read as advice that there are currently no good investments, so hold onto your money, or that this is not a time to change jobs or take on new projects. Just keep doing what you're doing. It may even suggest that you don't talk about your work. A non-disclosure agreement.

On the positive side, this tells the Querent that they're in a position of status, health, money, even comfort. Business is good and stable, work is steady, money is in the bank. There is, however, a negative to this card in that the Querent might be holding on too tight. They might be too afraid of to spend any money, too afraid to take on any new work.

In the most extreme negative, this is the card of hoarders and packrats. Also the card of jealous relationships where one person views the other as their property and won't let them leave the house. This can be the card of the shut-ins and agoraphobics.

So while this card can be good advice to the spendthrift or shopaholic that they need to hold onto their money, or to the workaholic to not take on more jobs, it can also be the opposite, advising the miser to be more generous with good luck and good fortune. It is a card that can be telling the querent to enjoy what they have because holding still leads to stagnation.

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