Pages Tarot Card Meanings

The first court cards are the Pages (also known as Princesses). It is always best to imagine them as young, and with a letter or scroll in hand. The element of the pages is "Earth" indicating something young, growing, a seed planted. So the Page of Wands would be "Earth of Fire" - the seed of fire, so to speak. Pages most often stand for children, though they can also be said to be the "Fool's" alter ego, meaning that they are very new to their "element," a student or apprentice.

Thus, when no children seem to be involved (the person you're reading for is childless, has no friends with kids, etc.), then the Pages can indicate that the querent is about to receive a message, or that the querent's (or someone in the querent's life) is at a new stage. They feel new and excited about it, but also are likely to make mistakes. They are immature.

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