Judgement Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Right-side-up, Judgement is about letting go of (or freeing oneself from) something that you've been hanging onto, something that needs to be released in order for you to be reborn and move on. It could mean forgiving someone, or releasing your anger, it could be letting go of the past or of a bad relationship. Judgement is also about that "rebirth" or renewal of the self, about getting well after a long sickness, or finding a new career or spiritual path. You become a new person, unburdened by the baggage carried by your old self. Reversed....

1) Opposite: The easiest opposite meaning here is that instead of becoming free of a burden, you take one on. Instead of being reborn, you dig yourself in deeper into that old life. Even more, this interpretation could suggest something the querent thought they'd dropped returning to haunt them. They thought something was over and done with, but it appears like a ghost, not banished at all.

2) Blocked: similar to opposite, this suggests an inability to let go, to free oneself from that baggage. The energy of the card is rebirth and here it is being blocked: the sick person stays sick. The person in the bad relationship can't seem to leave it. There is no forgiving or letting go of old issues. Something is getting in the way of the querent's renewal of self.

3) Upside-down: Turn the Rider card over and folk "fall" out of their coffins rather than rising up out of them. The angel is below rather than above, and coffins fill the sky. This is certainly ominous. It suggests not a release from the grave so much as the graves opening up and spitting out their dead.

We've switched from Resurrection to Zombie Movie. Not pretty. This suggests that, as in a Zombie film, the querent is not only having trouble getting rid of their baggage - but is surrounded and overwhelmed by it. The more Zombies the querent kills, the more that seem to surround them. The sins of the past, of people from the past, keep turning up. There seems to be no escape; and the querent spends all their time trying to get out from under those coffins. They never get a chance to renew themselves.

This could well suggest a recurring illness that keeps the querent from holding a job or having a life. An ex-spouse who keeps putting demands on them, so they can't remarry or have a new love-life. Old debts and/or black marks on their record that keep cropping up, making it hard for them to get credit, a job, even a place to live. There seems to be no escape from the past and no hope for a new future.

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