Justice Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Upright, Justice is all about creating a balance, legalities, fairness. It involves the ability to split, cut back, share. Reversed....

1) Opposite: Justice is quite clear in this instance. Reversed it is "injustice." Unfairness, imbalance. No matter if it refers to a court case, a family situation or spirituality, the card is clear that things are not fair and balanced here. The querent is getting too much, or too little of what they need.

This interpretation is quite consistent with the other interpretations as well:

2) Blocked: The only real difference here is that the energy of Justice is that it wants to make things balanced and fair. Something is keeping that energy from succeeding. Again, things are "unjust" - but only because there is something preventing that. It may be as simple as one person being selfish, or it could be that certain evidence/legal documents have not come to light.

3) Upside-down: Again, we have "unjust" but this goes a bit farther. Turn Justice upside down and she loses her scales and her sword, which could well suggest a corruption of justice. It is not merely an accident, or something blocking justice that might be removed, here the whole system is suspect. The scales of balance are gone. The sword to slice things right down the middle is gone. Fairness cannot be achieved because the tools of justice are missing. The Judge is biased, the lawyers and witnesses corrupt, the evidence tampered with.

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