Twos Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The twos are about balance. Where there is one, now there are two. Yin and yang, day and night, forces that in all four suits find a kind of tension that holds them in status, both existing for a moment, as at twilight or dawn.

Reverse the twos and the yin/yang forces start vying for dominance rather than co-existing. This is the opposite of most of the cards. Blocked, likewise, suggests that something is keeping these two from co-existing and the result is upset or imbalance.

Two of Swords Reversed

Upright, this is a card about a temporary compromise. Opposing forces agree to put up their swords...for now. Clearly, if this is reversed, then no such compromise is or can be reached. The two keep on fighting.

Two of Wands Reversed

Upright, this is a card about making an intuitive choice. There are two possibilities, equally good, and the querent judges them and goes with is instinct after one or the other. Reversed, it seems quite clear that a decision cannot be made. The blocked interpretation is most clear for this - something is preventing the person from seeing any difference in the two, from being able to tell which is the one in which to invest his energy.

Two of Cups Reversed

Upright, this is one of the most romantic cards in the deck. Eyes across a room, recognition of a kindred soul, a new friend or lover. Flirting, even, and that spark of emotion in the Ace finds an object for its new feelings. Reverse this and you can almost see the two figures not gazing at each other, but with their backs to each other, cups empty. Instead of magnetic attraction, they repel. Or, at best (using a blocked interpretation), they fail to notice each other. Like a romantic comedy where the leads keep missing each other as they walk down the same streets.

Two of Pentacles Reversed

Upright, our man juggles finances, luck or health. It's not easy and he can't keep it up forever, but he's managing. Reversed, however, he loses all coordination. Those pentacles go flying and he not only can't juggle them...he might not have them at all. Reversed this card could indicate that the finances our juggler was relying on have vanished. If one goes, there's no juggling with the other one.

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