Next Level Tarot Reading

Improve Your Accuracy, Increase Your Confidence, And Discover How to Pull Your Readings Together - With Timeless Advice From The Tarot Community

Are you ready to discover the timeless wisdom from expert tarot readers that will help you shake your doubts about your abilities, help you tap into your intuition and get into flow with your cards?

Introducing Next Level Tarot Reading, an eBook collection of the best conversations from the tarot community with best advice I could find to help you with your readings, all organised in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow way.

  • Discover how to increase your confidence in your readings and remove those lingering doubts about your abilities.

  • Improve your accuracy in your readings.. and find out what to do in those frustrating times when your readings don't feel accurate at all!

  • Get clarity on when you should use clarifier cards, and what do when contradictory cards come up in your readings.

  • Find out whether you should make predictions in your readings... and learn from other experienced readers if it is really possible to predict the future..

  • Discover the best ways of reading specific timing of events in your readings, with unique and effective methods that worked for real tarot readers.

  • Pull it all together into a coherent reading that connects the cards together and just gives you a reading that just flows.

  • This is a totally unique book, sharing not just one reader's thoughts and advice... but multiple perspectives from readers experiencing exactly the same problems as you and exactly how they solved them!

    PLUS - included are two bonus eBooks to specifically help you with two of the most confusing parts of tarot reading...

    • Interpreting The Tarot Court Cards, to help you make sense of whether they are people, personalities, physical types - or something else!

    • Tarot Reversals for advice on handling reversed cards - and whether you should really use them at all.

    Get ready to elevate your confidence and your readings today!