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Tarot by Design Workbook  Open in New Window

The Tarot by Design Workbook is an adult colouring book with original images of the 78 tarot cards, created by Diana Heyne, and ready to be coloured in.

Tarot Card Combinations  Open in New Window

Illustrates a selection of common and easy-to-read card combinations, to help the new reader in linking and blending card meanings.

Tarot Celebrations  Open in New Window

Tarot Celebrations: Honoring the Inner Voice focuses on the use of the major arcana for meditation, affirmations, visualisations, ceremony and ritual, and emphasises the healing properties of the tarot archetypes.

Tarot Companion  Open in New Window

A reference guide with basic card meanings and information plus a broad overview of tarot's correspondences with astrology, runes, numerology, colours, qabbalah and time. The appendix also contains twenty tarot spreads.

Tarot Constellations  Open in New Window

Tarot Constellations is the second in the series beginning with Tarot For Your Self and ending with Tarot Mirrors.

Tarot Coupling  Open in New Window

'Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings' addresses one of the most popular tarot reading topics - love and relationships. It provides a framework for relationship readings from finding one, building one, to dissolving one.

Tarot Court Cards  Open in New Window

A entire book devoted to the court cards! The author looks at these cards as archetypal patterns of relationships, using the Qabalah as a tool.

Tarot d'Amour: Find Love, Sex, and Romance in the Cards  Open in New Window

Tarot d'Amour is intended to for a more fulfilling love life and presents romantic, emotional and sexual meanings (and a reversed meaning) for the 78 Tarot cards.

Tarot Decoded: Understanding and Using Dignities and Correspondences  Open in New Window

Tarot Decoded is an introduction to the complex subject of using and understanding dignities and correspondences with Tarot cards. Ror the intermediate and advanced Tarot reader.

Tarot Dynamics  Open in New Window

'Tarot Dynamics - Learn to Read Any Spread' focuses on helping the reader practically relate the cards to everyday life, through a reading technique based on five simple keywords for each card. A book of useful insight into learning to read tarot cards.

Tarot Dynamics Unleashed  Open in New Window

Tarot Dynamics Unleashed is an easy and accessible way for beginners to learn the tarot, and for intermediate and advanced readers to build on their knowledge. It's an update to Anna Burroughs Cook's first book, Tarot Dynamics.

Tarot for a New Generation  Open in New Window

A Tarot interpretation guidebook that introduces tarot and focuses on giving advice and suggestions relevant to the lives of teenagers and twentysomethings - the 'New Generation'.

Tarot For All Seasons  Open in New Window

This book combines Tarot and the Pagan Wheel of the Year and includes twelve in-depth seasonal tarot spreads.

Tarot for Healing  Open in New Window

Tarot for Healing focuses on using tarot as a foundation for healing work. Kara Owl explores the health messages within each tarot card through readings and meditation.

Tarot For Life (Quinn)  Open in New Window

In Tarot for Life: Reading the Cards for Everyday Guidance and Growth, Paul Quinn approaches the tarot not just as a fortune-telling device, but as self-help tool for intuitive guidance, empowerment and well-being.

Tarot for Magical Times  Open in New Window

Tarot for Magical Times reflects a world of magical practices and interpretations for each of the 78 cards of the Tarot, coming from the perspective of two of the finest minds in the Tarot world, Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig.

Tarot for Manifestation  Open in New Window

Tarot for Manifestation: Use the Cards to Make Your Desires a Reality is an independently published book by Canadian Tarotist and online personality, James Wells. Through the sharing of his personal wisdom, his own and his client's stories, and interesting gender-neutral text, James has created a wonderful way to expand the ways in which the Tarot are used.

Tarot for One  Open in New Window

Tarot For One: The Art of Reading for Yourself is a wonderful guide focusing on the often challenging exercise of self-reading. The book covers the practical, theory and practice of Tarot and is a useful guide for beginners as well as readers with years of experience.

Tarot for Self Discovery  Open in New Window

Tarot for Self Discovery is a workbook of more than fifty novel tarot card exercises, designed to delve into your psyche and increase your self-knowledge. Excellent.

Tarot for the Green Witch  Open in New Window

A primer on the use of tarot for divination, that looks at all cards of the major and minor arcana. Aimed at practitioners of Wicca and Green Witchcraft.

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