Sacred Power Reading Cards

Sacred Power Reading Cards

The Sacred Power Reading Cards has 36 cards for healing and empowerment. It can be used as a divinatory oracle, and also for support in reiki, kinesiology, counselling and other healing modalities.

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Card Images from the Sacred Power Reading Cards

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Sacred Power Reading Cards Review by medusawink

In recent decades we have become more aware of both ourselves and the world around us as spiritual entities, with a purpose to fulfill. This has led us collectively on journeys which take us inwards on the path of self-healing, and journeys that taker us outward into the world of nature and on the path of earth healing. The Sacred Power Reading Cards combines myth, astrology, spirit guides from nature and other realms, new-age healing techniques, and the mysterious power of symbols to create a potent tool intended to help the Seeker on their path to healing and self-awareness. These cards can be used for divination through 'conventional' means, and also have healing messages and offer spiritual guidance. They have other applications as well – as devices for affirmations and meditation, as well as mirror work.

This is a 36-card oracle deck, with each card fully illustrated, and featuring a title, but no numbers. The cards measures 96 x 140 mm which makes these cards are a little larger than many conventional oracle cards, but not so much so that they are difficult to handle. The card stock is light and flexible but not weak and flimsy, so they will not crack or crease. The cards have rounded corners which effectively prevents them from becoming dog-eared, and prevents chipping and peeling on the corners. The finish is smooth and glossy which facilitates easy handling and shuffling. The print quality is excellent, with clear and crisp images, no blurring, misprints or colour bleeds.

The artist, Louis Dyer, illustrated the deck under the direction of its conceptual originator, Anna Stark. His images travel from realistic beings in natural settings to classic new-age illustrations featuring mythical and spiritual beings, esoteric symbolism, and mandalas. Most cards have layers of image, symbols, and delicate pattern work, as opposed to depicting a single, incorporated scene. The artist’s palette is broad and embraces the full spectrum, however many images depicted in these cards strongly favour the spiritually oriented range of blues and purples.

These cards have no borders, the images reach to the edge of the cards. The titles are given in plain black font on a pale arc at the base of the illustration. The image on the back of the card features a white flower-of-life mandala on a swirling, fine-lined pattern, in shades of blue and white. This image is asymmetrical and therefore not reversible.

The cards come packaged in a solid cardboard box, with a fold back lid which is held shut with magnetic clasps. The box has a high gloss finish and features details and images from the Sacred Power Reading Card deck, as well as information about the cards and their creator, and publisher details. The inside of the box features the same flower-of-life design as the back of the cards. The deck itself sits in a navy blue cardboard well in the centre of the box, with the guidebook placed atop them. The entire box set is quite slim and not particularly heavy so it can easily be dropped into a backpack or tote bag without weighing it down or taking up too much space. The box is sturdy enough to protect the cards and book from sustaining damage should you wish to take them on the road, but treating it roughly is bound to result in it becoming damaged, after all it is still only cardboard.

The 82-page guidebook is written by Anna Stark – the conceptual originator of the Sacred Power Reading Cards. The introduction outlines the uses the cards may be put to. The chapter entitled How to Use the Cards details methods for connecting with the deck and keeping it in good working condition. It provides basic guidance on how to use the deck for healing and meditation and goes into detail about using the cards for oracle readings including a single card draw, a 3-card Power Reading, and a 6-card Power Pyramid Healing Spread.

Each card has its own mini chapter which features a full colour reproduction of the illustration. Beneath the title are keywords and phrases which summarise the essence of the card. A description of the illustration incorporates the divinatory meaning of the card. Also included here are several possible interpretations which may be applied in a reading, as well as excellent advice. Even the most potentially daunting cards have a compassionate outlook, or guide the Seeker towards actions which invite a positive outcome. An affirmation, or prayer is included with the interpretation, and some include extra guidance which may help in balancing chakras, contacting angels, or identifying a spiritual being which will aid the Seeker’s spiritual advancement.

If you are looking to reconnect to your spiritual path, or open yourself to spiritual guidance then the Sacred Power Reading Cards may help you on your way. If you are looking for a divinatory tool with multiple applications (reiki, kinesiology, spiritual healing, counselling) then this deck is an excellent tool which you may wish to look into. If you are simply looking for an excellent oracle which is in alignment with new-age beliefs then the Sacred Power Reading Cards are great place to start.

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Complete Details of Sacred Power Reading Cards

Creators: Anna Stark, Louis Dyer
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing 2017
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 36
Card Size: 3.78 x 5.51 in. = 9.60cm x 14.00cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: 82-page guidebook by Anna Stark

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