American Renaissance Tarot

The American Renaissance Tarot is a literary-themed 78-card tarot, featuring 36 American writers and depicting scenes of great American literature from the years 1825-1875. The major arcana focus on Transcendentalism and also tell the story of the abolition of slavery, while the minor arcana illustrates works from Herman Melville (Wands), Edgar Allen Poe (Swords), Nathaniel Hawthorne (Cups), and Frederick Douglass (Coins).

Created by Thea Wirsching, Celeste Pille
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Self Published 2017

Card Images from the American Renaissance Tarot

American-Renaissance-Tarot-1 American-Renaissance-Tarot-2 American-Renaissance-Tarot-3 American-Renaissance-Tarot-4 American-Renaissance-Tarot-5 American-Renaissance-Tarot-6 American-Renaissance-Tarot-7 American-Renaissance-Tarot-8 American-Renaissance-Tarot-9 American-Renaissance-Tarot-10

More About These Cards

Name: American Renaissance Tarot
Creators: Thea Wirsching, Celeste Pille
Publisher: Self Published 2017
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Card Language: English

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