Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards

The Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards is a 52-card oracle set with a 1920s-1930s feel. The cards are un-numbered and depict a range of simple scenes with an accompanying cartomantic keyword (printed in five languages) underneath.

Created by Unknown
Oracle Deck - 52 Cards - Piatnik

Card Images from the Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards

Art-Deco-Deck-1 Art-Deco-Deck-2 Art-Deco-Deck-4 Art-Deco-Deck-5 Art-Deco-Deck-6 Art-Deco-Deck-7 Art-Deco-Deck-8

More About These Cards

Name: Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards
Creators: Unknown
Publisher: Piatnik
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 52
Card Size: 2.28 x 3.54 in. = 5.80cm x 9.00cm
Card Language: Italian, Hungarian, German, English, Croatian
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: Red and white pattern with astrological signs

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