Licuc Lenormand

The Licuc Lenormand is a 44-card Petit Lenormand, with the traditional 36 cards plus extra variations for Scythe, Boy, Girl and others to open up more divinatory meanings. The illustrations have clear symbols with a vintage, industrial look, and the corresponding playing card inset at the base. Available in multiple editions with no titles or titles in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German.

Created by Johanna Perez Vasquez
Oracle Deck - 44 Cards - Self Published 2015

Card Images from the Licuc Lenormand

Licuc-Lenormand-1 Licuc-Lenormand-2 Licuc-Lenormand-3 Licuc-Lenormand-4 Licuc-Lenormand-5 Licuc-Lenormand-6 Licuc-Lenormand-7 Licuc-Lenormand-8 Licuc-Lenormand-9 Licuc-Lenormand-10

More About These Cards

Name: Licuc Lenormand
Creators: Johanna Perez Vasquez
Publisher: Self Published 2015
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 44
Companion Material: Card meanings and companion booklet is available separately online.

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Theme: Lenormand, Victorian Era

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