Maybe Lenormand

Maybe Lenormand

Maybe Lenormand is a wonderfully retro 52-card oracle set, with the standard 36 cards of a Lenormand deck plus 16 extras inspired by Gypsy fortune telling decks. It can be read either with the full set of cards, or with just the 36 Lenormand cards.

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Card Images from the Maybe Lenormand

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Maybe Lenormand Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Maybe Lenormand is an expanded version of the traditional 36 card Lenormand deck, with an additional 16 cards that are “borrowed” from a tangent lineage of diverse fortune telling decks, with the aim to complete a 52 card playing deck. The cards come with a 69 page guidebook. The card box holds the deck in two piles, with the guidebook on top. The box opens from the side, and has a magnetic closure. The cover is done in black and white, with red binding, and carries an image of card 29 (Lady, the female significator).

In his introduction Edward talks about the Lenormand borrowing from German cartomancy, as well as tea leaf and coffee ground symbol reading. The Grand Tableau is said to give an overview of the Seeker’s well being, or a detailed answer to a specific question.

In his section on reading the cards, Edward includes the Grand Tableau, three card strings, and a five card daily line.

The card presentation includes a small color image of the card, a primary keyword, a short discussion of the card, who the card may represent as an individual, and additional keywords. Additional cards (cards 37-52) include Lion, Bacchus, Rapiers, and Sick Bed. At the end of the guidebook Edward presents the Tres Grand Tableau (a reading using all 52 cards), followed by several lined pages with which to take notes.

The cards are 2 ¼’ by 3 ½”, with a white outer border, followed by a black inner border. A stylized eye looks out from the middle of the card. The backs are reversible.

The card fronts show a white background, with a thin inner black border The card number, and a picture of the associated playing card, are centered at the top of the card. A stylized color drawing is centered at the bottom of the card. The images follow traditional symbolism.

Ship (3)10 of Spades

The primary keyword for Ship is Distance. Appearing in a reading, it can indicate a vacation, a prosperous global business venture, or a person foreign to the Seeker’s location. Other keywords include travel, trade, foreign, water, and longing.

Scythe (10) Jack of Diamonds

The primary keyword for Scythe is Cut. Appearing in a reading, this can refer to broken relationships, broken contracts, or loss of hope. Other keywords include danger, slice, harvest, edit, autumn, and abrupt.

Book (26) 10 of Diamonds

The primary keyword for book is Knowledge. Appearing in a reading, Book refers to secrets, to things not known, or to things that the Seeker is working to know. Other keywords include secrets, projects, lesson, hidden, occult, and information

Lady (29) Ace of Spades

Lady is the significator for a female Seeker. Appearing in a reading for a male, it indicates an important female in his life.

Rose (40) 3 of Spades

The primary keyword for Rose is Allure. The Rose represents romance, attraction, and beauty. In a reading, it represents beauty and the arts. Next to the Letter, it refers to poetry. Other keywords include charm, art, romance, seduction, captivate, and tender.

Clearly the deck name, Maybe Lenormand, comes from the addition of the extra 16 cards. While they can add information to a reading, they are not traditional to the Lenorand style of reading. Also, this deck does not include extra cards for the Lady and Gentleman significator. If you are looking to read within traditional Lenormand structure, it would be easy to just set the extra cards aside.

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Complete Details of Maybe Lenormand

Creators: Ryan Edward
Publisher: US Games 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 52
Card Size: 2.50 x 3.50 in. = 6.35cm x 8.89cm
Card Language: None, English
Card Back: Works as though reversible
Back Design: Black and white curlique line drawings with a central eye design
Companion Material: 69-page guidebook in English is packaged with the deck.

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