Resonance Oracle

Resonance Oracle

The Resonance Oracle is a channelled, intentional deck of 40 cards. "There are some cards that are surreal and dream-like, and some that are romantic or dramatic. While each is different, they all are on black backgrounds, and have warmth and light to balance the shadows – the warmth of memories, or soft light of new beginnings."

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Card Images from the Resonance Oracle

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Resonance Oracle Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The “Resonance Oracle Cards” is a 40 card oracle deck that was created with the intention of aiding others in finding their own way to wisdom, truth, and balance. Both the text and the artwork are channeled.

The cards and Guidebook come in a beautiful box with a magnetic lid closure (signature Schiffer). The front of the box shows a side view of an eagle, sitting above a pair of compelling blue eyes. From the back of the box:

“Find answers for all your deepest questions, including the emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance allowing you to find your own path of joy, peace, balance, and wisdom. Messages also embrace nuances of physical reality, such as technology and lines of communication. Author/artist Dara Caplan channeled the messages and art, and included the power of intent in order to give you the best experience possible. The images and meanings do not discriminate between gender or type; the animals, magical beings, people, and plants of this world are all honored as special beings in this artwork. The 40 beautiful images reflect life’s truths – there are some cards that are surreal and dreamlike, and some that are romantic or dramatic. While each I different, they are all on black backgrounds, and have warmth and light to balance the shadows – the warmth of memories, or the soft light of new beginnings. Through this magical oracle, find your own path that resonates deep inside you.”

The cover art for the 95 page guidebook is the same art that is used for the back of the cards. In the section on how to use the cards, it is noted that they will work just as well for both beginners and experienced readers. Caplan emphasizes that the cards work on the concept of the Law of Attraction, in that you will receive the message that you are meant to receive. Cards that fall out are seen as messages that your spiritual allies feel that you need to have. It is recommended that you clear the deck before beginning to use it, and that you clear it periodically if you feel energy clinging to it, and weighing it down.

Each card is presented with a quarter page black and white image, a short paragraph about the card, and alternate meanings,

The cards themselves are 3 ½” by 5”, with the imagery presented landscape style. The backs show a dark background, with a gold stalk on either side of the card (facing in opposite directions). In the middle of the card are what appears to be a gold leaf, and two red and one blue artifacts. The card is not reversible. (Reading reversals is not addressed in the Guidebook.)

The card faces are shown landscape style, with a dark background, and a ¼” colored border set in from the sides of the card, framing the card image. The card titleruns across the bottom of the card in light gold letters.

Some of the cards that appealed to me were:

“Eclipse: When darkness falls, and it seems light is scarce, remember that it continues to be all around, even if it is hidden. Mysteries will unfold, and answers given; you need only have the faith to persevere. Transitions are upon you now, dear one. Trust in the beautiful universe, for it supports you always.

Alternate meanings:

• Appreciate the mysteries of Life and Spirit.
• Believe, for this difficulty is temporary.
• This is for the best, although it may not yet seem so.
• Things are disorienting and cloudy right now, or soon will be, but you will prevail.”

“Mystic Dreaming: Your dreams are the voice of your subconscious self, dear one. Do not discount them! While it is true they may seem random, often they are metaphors and visual cues – the language of your subconscious – delivering an important messag which may provide clarity into what is concerning you and the near future. Keeping a dream journal by your bedside helps you to examine them later and figure out what you are being told. Right now it is time to pay attention to these dreams, or meditate to receive themesages trying to reach you.

Alternate meanings:

• There’s an important message trying to reach you through dreams or meditation and you should not discount it.
• If you are puzzled by dreams lately, you should try researching online or in abook to find out how the symbols in the dream relate to your circumstances, because therin lies your clarity.”

I really do not find the dark coloring of this deck appealing, but I do find that the messages the cards are imparting are clear and relevant. Go figure! Yes, I do highly recommend working with these cards!

© Bonnie Cehovet

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Complete Details of Resonance Oracle

Creators: Dara Caplan
Publisher: Schiffer Books 2012
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 40
Card Language: English

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