Wiccan Cards

Wiccan Cards

The 32 Wiccan Cards are specially designed to be an easy introduction to Wicca and show symbols from Pagan life. Pleasantly, the cards have minimal text and thin borders, the less to distract from the images.

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Card Images from the Wiccan Cards

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Wiccan Cards Review by Nada Mesar

Author's Summary

The Wiccan Cards by Nada Mesar (author) and Chatriya Hemharnvibul (illustrator) were specially designed to offer an easy pictorial introduction for all interested in Wicca and/or other Pagan religion based on a Celtic or Germanic background. Of course, you can also use the cards if you are from another religion as there are many symbols used in other religions as well such as butterfly, broom, pumpkins, canopy, cat, fox, horse, mask, etc.) Most symbols are taken from European folk magick of various traditions (mostly Celtic symbols and archetypal pictures which are not bound to a special tradition).

The 33 cards can be used both upside and reversed. (reversed means that the cards are showing upside down) , the meaning may change when they are reversed and may have a different, sometimes less favourable meaning. The cards are divided into 4 element cards, 2 God cards, 8 cards representing the 8 High Sabbaths, 3 Master cards and 16 cards with symbols of Pagan life.

The Wiccan Oracle cards can also be used for ritual magick as a kind of focus in spellwork or for meditation. The Wiccan Oracle cannot and will not replace other books written on Wicca. They are a first introduction into the Wiccan Way of Life come true into the colours and pictures of this deck.

Author’s Notes

Merry meet, dear all,

I was very proud when I was asked by LoScarabeo (special thanks to Mario, Riccardo and Valentina!) to write an outline for a deck based on Wicca and elements of traditional witchcraft. My special thanks go also to Chatriya from Thailand for her wonderful paintings and her interest in this project. This deck will not and cannot cover all needs and there are certainly some why’s and other questions which may come to the mind of fellow Pagans.

Please see the cards as one way of getting to know one way of Wicca and the Craft. There is no ultimate way to approach the Craft. Just feel free to discover your way to the Goddess and the God by means of this deck.

Bright blessings,
Nada Mesar, better known as catlin or Solitaire from Mannheim, Germany

© by Nada Mesar and LoScarabeo

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Wiccan Cards Review by Fulgour Prentice

"The Dance of Life"

The light at the edge of the forest, where the near shadows comfort and the far shadows call, while the Sun still shines beside you as you pause, held by the beckoning closeness of the light dappled bramble and woods. Or the hue of the Moon when seen to rise full at twilight with a beeswax tan, glowing ever more clearly and brightly as the last wisps of dusk blend into night's newly glittering canopy of stars. These are the sensations that come first to mind as I meditate upon the Wiccan Cards by Nada Mesar.

You may expect to encounter familiar scenes, and these there are, lovingly illustrated by Chatriya Hemharnvibul. But if some be unfamiliar, recall the words of Horatio "O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!" and Hamlet's reply to him "And therefore as a stranger give it welcome." Welcome indeed, and not at all so strange, for the precise destination you may expect to reach upon your encounter with these thirty-three carefully selected and detailed images is that of self-discovery, and the meanings you derive through your interaction with them will be precisely your own. Such is the power, and but one of the many gifts, this delicately splendid Oracle has to offer.

Each of the thirty-three cards might be considered as if a single musical note, and together they create chords and harmonies as varied as one's imagination desires. The Dance of Life echoes melodiously throughout the images, fulfilling visually what may then be experienced spiritually.

The thoughtful and intelligent research and effort that was given by Nada Mesar in the selection of the scenes and settings, the characters and their significance, of the very atmosphere and flavour of each view presented, works to form an intricately diverse completeness.

Nothing has been left out because the way is open to it, and nothing needs to be added because room has been prepared to bring it in. The path which is provided by the Wiccan Cards is as infinite as the sands along the seashore, and as personal as the journey you may take should you choose to begin, as always, and so ever on, with each step forward.

© 2006 Fulgour Prentice

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Complete Details of Wiccan Cards

Creators: Nada Mesar, Chatriya Hemharnvibul
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 33

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