Flonz Victorian Lenormand

Flonz Victorian Lenormand

The Flonz Victorian Lenormand is a Victorian-inspired stamp deck, created from hand-drawn images that were turned into stamps and in turn stamped onto aged card. Self-published and available direct from the artist.

Card Images from the Flonz Victorian Lenormand

Flonz-Victorian-Lenormand-1 Flonz-Victorian-Lenormand-2 Flonz-Victorian-Lenormand-3 Flonz-Victorian-Lenormand-4

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Flonz Victorian Lenormand Review by divineMuses

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Complete Deck Details

Name: Flonz Victorian Lenormand
Creators: Katherine Andrews
Publisher: Self Published 2014
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 40
Card Size: 2.83 x 4.09 in. = 7.20cm x 10.40cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: Little white booklet.
Extra Info: There are extra Lady, Gentleman and Seeker cards.
How to Buy: Available at · Katherine Andrews

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