Tarot Card Trick or Treat

Tarot Card Trick or Treat

Tarot Card Trick or Treat is cutely macabre Halloween themed deck of 22 cards, with many familiar Halloween images and characters. It was published in Korea and has English titles on the cards, though the guidebook is only in Korean.

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Card Images from the Tarot Card Trick or Treat

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Tarot Card Trick or Treat Review by medusawink

Tarot Card Trick or Treat is a fusion of Addams Family sensibilities melded with Nightmare Before Christmas via Casper the Friendly Ghost – cutely macabre, without any real creepiness. This is a 22 card Major Arcana of original images, with many familiar Halloween tropes.

The Fool is a flute playing pumpkin in the tradition of The Great Pumpkin from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts cartoons. The High Priestess is a Gypsy fortune teller complete with crystal ball and tarot cards; The Empress is a widow with a watering can, sprinkling a gravestone. The Lovers are a bridal couple reaching for each other across a heart shaped gap. The Wheel of Fortune is a bit of a curiosity – a hearse steered by the Grim Reaper, at a fork in the road, both paths apparently leading to a graveyard.

Death is depicted as 13 pairs of eyes staring out of the darkness; The Devil is the witch in front of her gingerbread house; and The Tower is a standard haunted house complete with lightning flashing in the sky above, cracked windows, a cat on the roof, and pumpkin lanterns scattered across the lawn.

Tarot Card Trick or Treat cards have no changes of name, and the cards follow the standard Waite ordering. The cards measure 65 x 110 mm – which makes them about the same size as playing cards. The card stock is fairly lightweight. The cards are quite flexible, with a smooth and glossy finish. These cards are very easy to handle and shuffle nicely. I'm not sure that these cards will withstand heavy usage or rough handling – the plastic type finish will give them some durability, but they are a little flimsy.

The quality of the print is good – the images are clear, with no misprints or blurring. The colours are bright, with a typical Halloween palette – lots of oranges, black, yellow, and purple. The pictures have been painted, probably in acrylics, in a "picture book" style reminiscent of children's stories. Each image has a fine black outline with picture frame curlicues at the top and bottom. The card number is contained in a white circle at the top of the frame, and the title is in black print at the bottom of the card. Each image has a broad orange border. The back of the cards have a rather neat Neo-Victorian wallpaper print of tiny stylised pumpkin heads, and is fully reversible.

The cards are part of a book and card set. The cards come packed in cellophane, and framed in soft black foam plastic to protect them. They are contained, along with the guidebook, in a fold-out plastic cover.

The guidebook is written in Korean, which unfortunately means a comprehensive evaluation of the contents is unavailable at this time. However, the book is divided into four sections – "Image of Trick or Treat"; "Symbol of Trick or Treat"; "Advice of Trick or Treat"; "User Guide". It is well illustrated with large full-colour reproductions of each card.

If you view tarot card reading as entertainment or a bit of fun, then this is the perfect deck for you - it is not too serious or ‘heavy’, yet it is perfectly functional. Of course if you love Halloween and all its garish occult humour then you will love this deck. And naturally if you are a tarot collector then this is a must have set.

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Complete Details of Tarot Card Trick or Treat

Creators: Suzie Jin Kali
Publisher: Published in Korea
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22
Card Size: 2.56 x 4.33 in. = 6.50cm x 11.00cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Reversible
Back Design: Patterned orange and green back.
Companion Material: Companion guidebook with card illustrations and meanings in Korean.

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