Wolf Pack Tarot

Wolf Pack Tarot

The Wolf Pack Tarot, previously a black and white illustrated semi-tarot deck, has now been published in a full-colour 78 card edition picturing illustrations of the wolf in its nature world. The keywords, listed at the top of each card, are reputed to be all you need to understand the deck.

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Card Images from the Wolf Pack Tarot

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Wolf Pack Tarot Review by Yvonne Kirstein

This would not be a deck that would attract experienced readers, however for the novice readers or those interested in self-reflection and self-improvement it is quite acceptable.

The cards have simplistic drawings and is muted in its coloration. It is all wolf images in seemingly real life situations and this gives the cards a naturalistic down-to-earth quality. Children and youth seem interested in the animalistic nature of the cards, and they would also be appropriate for those situations when someone has an aversion or fear of tarot thinking it akin to black magic.

They seem more like animal oracle cards rather than tarot as they don't follow the traditional format of Major, minors and pips. All of the cards seem to be a major in their own right with such titles as Gifts, Obstacles, Respect Entrapment, Self-reliance. There are 2 cards that are unique to this deck, a Male Alpha wolf, and a Female Alpha wolf. You can either use these as a significator, or within the reading.

Robert Petro does not include a LWB, but instead there is an extra card with a 10 card spread instruction. You don't need instructions on the cards, as all the cards have the meanings printed right on the cards which makes it valuable for beginners, and especially attractive to children and youth. Of course, like any cards and their meanings, this is only a guidline and once you get used to the cards, let your intuition guide you on those interpretations.

Don't totally dismiss these cards, they have their merits and purpose however, it may not be for professional or public readings.

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Wolf Pack Tarot Review by Deidrui

I have read the review from Yvonne Kirstein however, I have been reading tarot for over 20 years and I have found this deck to be more then novice. Yvonne states, "it may not be for professional or public readings." I use this deck for professional and public readings for my clients. I have had my clients cry because these cards are so brutely honest with them. This is what my clients have told my employer, "Deidrui is a good reader but she is blunt and that is good." It isn't the fact that I am blunt, but the cards are blunt and to the point.

I am not the only reader who is using these cards for reading. I have found another reader who also has been reading for over 20 years and finds these cards wonderful. However, I do recommand these cards to the novice for the fact they can read the meanings printed on the cards themselves and I find the people who buy these cards are amazed on how truthful they are. It makes one have to face the problem head on and ask themselves what the problem really is.

I have also found that people are drawn to the earthly colors on the card and don't feel put off. I also read from the Thoth deck and I have found that people are put off not because of the brilliant colors but because it is to much for them symbolically to handle. With the Wolf Pack I have found clients love them. They fly off the shelves as soon as we get them in the store. My clients that do buy them still come back for a reading. As they are only novice themselfs and only use them as a card to pick by the day.

So, it is with my recommandation that I say these cards are great for a professional and public reading.

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Complete Details of Wolf Pack Tarot

Creators: Robert Petro
Publisher: Self Published
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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