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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Voyager Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Voyager Tarot is a deck of pure symbolism that reflects our present day circumstances, in bright and colourful photographic collages of images from multiple cultures. James Wanless's deck is intended to be used for self-empowerment and self-awareness.

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The Vudu Tarot is a 79-card deck drawing on authentic Afro-Caribbean style, pictographic drawings, culture and references. The cards feature diverse characters inspired by Catholic saints and Afro-Caribbean myths.

Vulpine Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Vulpine Tarot is a colorful, 78-card fantasy deck characterised by its anthropomorphic foxes. The deck breaks away from the cookie-cutter imagery of Waite-Smith clones, and has a different feel inspired in part by the Witches Tarot. The deck is still in progress, as is its accompanying book.