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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Tarot of the Southwest Sacred Tribes  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the Southwest Sacred Tribes is based on the culture of Native Americans from the country's dry south west. The boldly coloured cards use the standard Rider-Waite Tarot titling and Major Arcana sequence with tribal images. In the minor arcana, the Swords uses motifs of the Apache, Wands the Pueblo, Cups the art of the Rio Grande Pueblo, and coins the Navajo nations.

Tarot of the Spirit  Open in New Window

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Designed to help the Tarot reader become spiritually enlightened, the Tarot of the Spirit has traditional major arcana but the minor arcana have been renamed to match the elements - earth, wind, fire, water.

Tarot of the Spirit World  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the Spirit World is an unusual deck with angels, demons, and apparitions from the otherworld appearing in the tarot scenes. It is a non-traditional deck with a different spin on its imagery and meanings, and is strangely compelling.

Tarot of the Stars  Open in New Window

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By the same author as the Stairs of Gold Tarot, the illustrations for the Tarot of the Stars are drawn in a lifelike style and incorporate quite a lot of detail. The titles and keywords on each card are in Italian.

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the Sweet Twilight is a uniquely illustrated deck with artwork very reminiscent of Tim Burton's films. It's slightly surreal, vibrantly coloured, and provides a great jumping-off point for intuitive readings.

Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights is inspired by the Arabian folktales reputed to be the work of Scheherazade. The art is finely detailed with thick, ornate borders around each scene.

Tarot of the Trance  Open in New Window

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Unique in appearance, the Tarot of the Trance deck is a riot of bright colours in a decorative, somewhat 'primitive' illustrated style surrounded by plain white borders.

Tarot of the White Cats  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the White Cats is very much in the tradition of the Rider-Waite Tarot - except for the blue-eyed, white cats drawn in the cards, instead of people. The symbolism is standard and non-threatening enough for use for the Tarot beginner.

Tarot of the Witches  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the Witches was featured in a James Bond film, Live and Let Die, and so is also known as the James Bond 007 Tarot. It's rather ugly.. and not to be confused with the Witches Tarot, which is far different and much better.

Tarot of the World in Colours  Open in New Window

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The Tarot of the World in Colours is a 24-card homage to the American artist, Keith Haring, best known for his New York graffiti visual style. The card illustrations have simplified tarot imagery drawn in appreciation of his artistic style.

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