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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Stairs of Gold Tarot  Open in New Window

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The major arcana in this complex Italian deck are packed with symbolism, with Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Celestial letters, Vulgar Latin, Zodiacal correspondences, and the Path of the Tree of Life on each card. The minor arcana of the Stairs of Gold Tarot are unfortunately very plain.

Star Spinner Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Star Spinner Tarot is a contemporary and optimistic deck entirely created and illustrated by comic artist, Trungle. It's designed to be more inclusive (there are four variations on the Lovers card) and entirely European, with borrowed Orientalist influences removed. The art on the 81 cards has a pretty, fairytale, Art Deco feel.

Star Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Star Tarot is a simply stunning majors-only deck. It has a Rider-Waite basis with Pagan, shamanistic and New Age overtones to the lush artwork. The cards can be mail ordered through the artist's website as prints or as a full deck with instruction booklet.

Star That Never Walks Around  Open in New Window

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The Star That Never Walks Around is a non-traditional but readable round Tarot deck of 78 cards, with imagery shaped by Native American myths and legends.

Star Trek Tarot  Open in New Window

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A personal tarot deck, not for publication, featuring characters and scenarios from the original Star Trek series. The Star Trek Tarot art has been drawn in felt pens and the style is campy and Sixties - classic Trek.

Starchild Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Starchild Tarot is a unique and cosmic deck drawing on Starseeds, sacred geometry, self-healing, and the ancient mystery schools. The images and meanings were intuitively created by artist Danielle Noel, and the deck is designed to be a meditative tool for transformation and self-reflection. Self-published and available from the artist.

Starlot Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Starlot Tarot cards are square and incorporate stars and constellations into each scene and astrological symbols into the borders. It's an art deck with only the 22 major arcana and also an attractive set of cards.

Starmaiden's Tarot  Open in New Window

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The 'Sternenmadchens Wahrsagespiel Tarot' - or Starmaiden's Tarot - has a Crowley Thoth basis and intense, psychedelic, pop-art artwork with a seventies vibe. Designed by a German record producer, Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, and his girlfriend, Starmaiden. This 22-card deck is now out of print and rather hard to find.

Starter Tarot  Open in New Window

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Rather obviously made for beginners, each card in the Starter Tarot has a list of associated keywords and concepts to aid in memorising the card meanings. The artwork is simple and pastel coloured, and is similar to the Marseilles deck art.

Steampunk Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Steampunk Tarot is a 78-card digital collage tarot, marrying post-modernism and tribalism. In the words of the artist, "The Steampunk Tarot builds a rusty metal bridge to the edge of your subconscious." The deck is self-published, available in various sizes and small-print editions.

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