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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Oracle Dessuart  Open in New Window

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The Oracle Dessuart is a French 52-card oracle based on playing cards. The artwork has modern scenes - from yachts to cities to American football - and divinatory keywords in French and English on each card.

Oracle of Echoes  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of Echoes is a vivid 50-card deck divination system and intuitive oracle, that explores the inner reflections of the human psyche, delving into both light and dark aspects of life.

Oracle of Illumination  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of Illumination is designed by a teacher of colour therapy and combines colour, light and numerology in the illustrations on its 72 cards. Its guidance is intended to 'assist the individual in manifesting their true potential with grace and confidence'. Sold in a boxed set with a 240-page companion book.

Oracle of Initiation  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of Initiation - Rainbows in the Dark is a multi-layered deck ideal for inner work and spiritual transformation. The imagery for the 66 cards is sourced from unaltered photographs taken by the artist herself while in the natural desert landscape of New Mexico.

Oracle of Proverbs  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of Proverbs is a charming deck of 34 cards, each illustrating a common proverb or everyday saying: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine, Home is Where the Heart is, and more. Perfect for gentle advice and easy to understand wisdom. Self-published and available direct from the artist.

Oracle of Shadows and Light  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of Shadows and Light is a cute and quirky little oracle of 45 cards. It features large-eyed faeries, ghosts and angels that are reminiscent of Blythe dolls, each with a slightly shadowy personality or theme.

Oracle of the Angels  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of the Angels is a 44 card deck intended to help connect with the angelic realm. Each of the cards has an illuminating and uplifting image from the world of the angels, designed to provide messages of guidance and love.

Oracle of the Dragonfae  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of the Dragonfae has 43 cards with rather pretty illustrations of goddesses, gods, dragons, winged fitures and fantastical characters. It is attributed to Australian deck creator, Lucy Cavendish, but actually has cards contributed by seven different artists.

Oracle of the Dreamtime  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of the Dreamtime is not only an oracle but a collection of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art. It's a very well-researched deck and the artwork and symbology is based on authentic Aboriginal Dreamings.

Oracle of the Goddess  Open in New Window

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The Oracle of the Goddess set from Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose (not to be confused with the many other decks of the same name) has 33 attractive cards with goddess archetypes. It's very similar in look to the Vision Quest Tarot, from the same creators.

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