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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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TaRota Paris  Open in New Window

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The TaRota Paris is a consciousness-based tarot system designed to make meaningful choices in the present tense. It has 78 cards with illustrations inspired by the statues and architectural monuments of Paris, which are also packaged with intuitive tools to extend the scope of the cards.

TarotNova  Open in New Window

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This tarot-deck-in-progress is absolutely stunning. The TarotNova artwork in some card images is a little dark, but overall this is one deck to watch out for.

Tarots Marseille de Jean Noblet  Open in New Window

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Les Tarots Marseille de Jean Noblet is another reproduction of Marseilles-style cards dating back to 1650. The 22 trump cards have been 'refreshed' by Jean-Claude Flornoy, who also restored the Jean Dodal Tarot.

Tarots of the Golden Dawn  Open in New Window

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The Tarots of the Golden Dawn is a deck featuring elves and fairy-type figures - definitely not an occult Tarot, despite the title. This is the 78-card later version of the Tarocchi dell Alba Dorata and has also been printed as the Enchanted Tarot.

Tarots of the Renaissance  Open in New Window

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The Tarots of the Renaissance cards are in an Italian Renaissance style, and was painted in what looks like watercolours. This Tarot deck is an interesting visual interpretation of a previous era.

Tarots of the Sphinx  Open in New Window

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An Ancient Egyptian deck by an Italian artist, the Tarots of the Sphinx deck shows scenes of Egyptian life in flat, two dimensional drawings reminscent of tomb wall paintings.

Tarots Oreste Zevola  Open in New Window

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The Oreste Zevola is a French Tarot of with abstract designs of black and red on its very long cards. The style is extremely consistent across the deck, and it's hard to tell cards apart at first glance.

Tartessus Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Tartessus Tarot is inspired by the pre-Roman Tartessic culture of the Iberian peninsula, with artwork based upon archeological remains discovered in the area.

Tattooed Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Tattooed Tarot is an unusual style of Tarot, with illustrations of tarot imagery tattooed onto people. The major arcana cards show people with Marseilles tarot images tattooed on their bodies, while the minors show a more generic image that corresponds to the card.

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards  Open in New Window

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The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards is a huge set of 200 cards that illustrate the images and meanings that might appear in an actual tea leaf reading. The cards are round - to resemble a tea cup - and each has a simple picture, a title and a short piece of advice.

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