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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Tarot Art Nouveau Mini  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Art Nouveau Mini is the miniature, travel size edition of the lovely Tarot Art Nouveau. The 78 cards have floral, ornate and romantic artwork by Antonella Castelli.

Tarot Astar  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Astar is a new, Russian-published deck of erotic images. It has 78 cards - most of them quite explicit - with photo-collage art of tanned women and muscled men.

Tarot Asterix  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Asterix features characters and scenes from Asterix, the well-known French comic, on its double-ended cards. While named a Tarot, this is a deck intended for the game of Tarock, rather than divination or guidance.

Tarot Bagong Sining  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Bagong Sining is another wonderful deck from Lynyrd Narciso. An incredibly prolific tarot artist, his decks are yet always different. The Bagong Sining is illustrated in an art nouveau style, and is unique in that it has male and female versions of each of the major arcana cards.

Tarot Balbi  Open in New Window

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Published in the mid seventies, and unfortunately now out of print, this brilliantly coloured Balbi Tarot deck makes use of astrological, alchemical and Qabbalistic symbols in its major arcana. (The minors are standard pip cards.)

Tarot Card Alice  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Card Alice is a decorative Korean-published deck of 22 cards. Its cards are based on the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Sir John Tenniel. The cards are titled in English though the companion book is in Korean only.

Tarot Card Misty  Open in New Window

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Tarot Card Misty is a sweet, major arcana only deck published in Korea. The cards have manga-style art created in a busy, colourful and detailed style. Each card has an English title and keyword, though the companion book is only published in Korean.

Tarot Card Trick or Treat  Open in New Window

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Tarot Card Trick or Treat is cutely macabre Halloween themed deck of 22 cards, with many familiar Halloween images and characters. It was published in Korea and has English titles on the cards, though the guidebook is only in Korean.

Tarot Cat-a-Vasya  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Cat-a-Vasya is a fun and kitschy photo-collaged deck of cats. The Russian-published deck has 80 cards with all different breeds and types of cats as the characters in tarot scenes.

Tarot Chesta  Open in New Window

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The Tarot Chesta is very limited edition of 61 hand-made tarot sets. The symbology of the lino-block and screen-printed images in the Tarot Chesta is Rider-Waite-Smith, with some personal touches.

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