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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Wisdom of the Maya Oracle  Open in New Window

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Wisdom of the Maya is an oracle deck featuring images of stone carvings based on Mayan artistic symbolism. It has 45 cards, divided into five suits of Old Gods, astronomical cards, sacred animal cards, sacred form cards, and day/number cards. Now available as the Maya Deck.

Wisdom of the Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Wisdom of the Oracle has 52 cards combining elements of tarot, the I Ching, and Norse runes. The artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia is dreamy and compelling, both beautiful and deeply symbolic. The companion guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid is also substantial and insightful. A highly recommended oracle deck.

Wisdom of the Woods  Open in New Window

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The Wisdom of the Woods is a 30-card Celtic tree oracle. The double-sided cards have an image of the tree on the front, and meanings, keywords and associations on the backs. The deck is read in a casting of nine cards with the included Celtic Wheel board.

Wisdom Seeker's Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Wisdom Seeker's Tarot is a 78-card deck focusing on the non-mystical and Jungian psychology aspects of the tarot, and designed for self-improvement and insight. Previously released as the Truthseeker's Tarot.

Wisdom Well  Open in New Window

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The Wisdom Well is a borderless, illustrated deck that merges Tarot with Jungian psychology in its 36 archetype cards.

Wise Cards  Open in New Window

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The Wise Cards have one very simple symbol or image per card, and are designed to make it easy to tune into your intuition, and to quickly understand the cards as each is drawn. Currently self-published in a handmade edition of 41 cards with basic instructions.

Wise Gal Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Wise Gal Tarot is a book with perforated sheets at the back that become the Tarot cards, designed for pre-teens and teenagers. The 78 illustrations are of flat colour and very simplified. The majors are a little abstract, while the minor arcana are unvarying pip cards with keywords.

Wise Woman's Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Wise Woman's Tarot is a female-oriented, multicultural and spiritual tarot set featuring goddesses (and a few gods) from hundreds of cultures worldwide. A personal project, the cards were used intensively by the author before publication.

Witches Picture Book  Open in New Window

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The Witches Picture Book is a 79-card deck of Traditional Witchcraft, and draws on symbolism from the Mabimogi, Merlin and Graal mythologies. It's intended to present the Tarot as an artistic map to a moving magical system. The deck is complete but as yet unpublished.

Witches Runes  Open in New Window

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Traditional Germanic runic symbols have been expanded into cards illustrating the key themes of each of the 25 runes. The artwork in the Witches Runes cards is detailed, colourful, and hand-drawn, using Celtic and Teutonic imagery from the Old Northern European world.

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