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Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot has 78 youthful, contemporary cards with illustrations of all kinds of women, femmes, and the gender fluid.

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Power of the Runes  Open in New Window

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The 25 large cards of the Power of the Runes deck each illustrate a rune through a scene of old Norse life, drawn in a storybook style and surrounded by a knotwork border.

Power Stone in My Pocket  Open in New Window

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Power Stone in My Pocket is a set of 36 affirmation cards designed for children, and adults connecting with the child within. Each card has a gentle illustration representing one of the four elements, and a message of love, support and confidence on the reverse.

Prager Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Prager Tarot is a cut-down tarot deck with 54 cards - 22 major and 32 minor cards - based on Czech folklore . The minor arcana suits each have the four court cards, and just four numbered cards from the Ace to Four.

Prairie Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Prairie Tarot draws its inspiration from aspects of the western prairie of the United States. The deck has a Rider-Waite basis and an extra card, the Jackalope, for a total of 79. From Robin Ator, creator of the International Icon Tarot.

Pre-Raphaelite Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Pre-Raphaelite Tarot takes its inspiration from Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, such as Ophelia, Lady of Shalott and many others, and interprets through the lens of the Rider-Waite Tarot. The result is a lush, beautiful set for beginner or advanced readers.

Prediction Tarot  Open in New Window

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Published in the mid-eighties, this watercolour tarot is very low key. The art of the Prediction Tarot features pale blues, grey blues, grey greens and old gold inner borders. The minor arcana are pip cards.

Priestess Moon Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Priestess Moon Oracle is a 33-card, vibrant oracle deck with an Ancient Egyptian meets Alice in Wonderland vibe. The deck was created by Australian artist Megan Fraser, and is a selection of her artworks spanning over 20 years. Self-published and available in a limited edition of 100 sets.

Primal Lenormand  Open in New Window

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The Primal Lenormand (also known as the Ur-Lenormand or the Lenormand Original) is a 36-card reproduction of the one of the earliest known Lenormand decks. It was originally conceived as a card game, The Game of Hope.

Prince Lenormand Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Prince Lenormand Oracle has 40 whimsical, borderless watercolour cards, featuring the traditional Lenormand symbols and playing cards. There are four extra cards included: secondary Man and Woman cards, a Person/Being card and a Wild card.

Prisma Visions Tarot  Open in New Window

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The Prisma Visions Tarot is a beautiful 79-card deck from James R. Eads, creator of the Light Visions Tarot. His second deck has full-colour cards in an impressionistic, surreal artistic style. The major arcana cards are bordered, while the minor arcana cards are borderless - and each suit can be lined up into one continuous image.

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