Loving Words from Jesus

Loving Words from Jesus

Loving Words from Jesus is a simple deck of 44 cards for divine guidance. Each card has a comforting Bible quote underneath an illustration of Jesus in a range of historical to modern situations. It's designed to used for single card advice and doesn't come with a companion book.

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Card Images from the Loving Words from Jesus

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Loving Words from Jesus Review by medusawink

For some connection with Jesus comes easily, for others though, relating to the son of God is problematic. The intermediary of organised religion is a source of discouragement for some, for others it is the catch all banner of Christianity which is the bone of contention. There are many who can appreciate that Jesus as prophet, guide, friend, and wise counsel is extremely attractive, indeed highly desirable, however modern religious practices have left them suspicious and sceptical. Doreen Virtue’s ‘Loving Words of Jesus’ cards may be the in-road they are seeking.

The deck is intended to help the spiritual seeker form a connection with Jesus regardless of their religious intentions. Showcased here are some of his (many) profound insights and teachings, focused on faith, peaceful conduct of both a personal and public nature, forgiveness, charity, kindness, and the comfort which can be found in God.

This is a deck of Divine guidance featuring quotes from the Gospels, which has many applications. One can pray and draw a card for daily guidance and insights, one can use the card as meditation devices, or for pressing personal issues one may shuffle and draw a card allowing for divine intervention to guide them.

This is a 44 card deck, the cards measuring 90 x 128 mm, which makes them a fairly standard sized oracle deck. The cards are made of good quality card stock which is flexible, smooth, with a high gloss finish - making them easy to handle and shuffle. The edges have high quality gilt, which gleams brightly and does not tarnish with handling, and does not stick the cards together. The print quality is superb with clear, clean, crisp images in glowing colours. The artist's palette is based on natural colours, it gives the impression of Jesus’ luminosity without actually reifying him. The artist employs a variety of techniques from smooth popular illustrative styles that border on photo realism, a choppy impressionistic style, flourishes and details especially typical of Pre-Raphaelite religious imagery, and some that are more reminiscent of fantasy art.

Jesus himself is very much a Western interpretation - the classic image of a fair skinned man with blue eyes and Nordic features, with flowing brown locks and a neatly trimmed beard, clad in his familiar white robes and Roman sandals. He is portrayed as a charming young man with an outgoing personality. The very best images show him laughing and smiling, enjoying moments with friends, while other cards reveal him as a pensive and contemplative individual. To his credit, the artist has not settled on a single image of Jesus but shows many variations within the boundaries of his popularly conceived appearance.

The images have no borders, each picture reaches the card’s edge. The biblical quote on each card is contained in a cream coloured rectangle near the bottom of the image. The picture on the back of the card is of a robed Jesus holding a staff, and smiling to himself. The cards come in a solid cardboard box with a liftoff lid. The box is sturdy and compact enough to put into a briefcase, backpack or shoulder bag and withstand the rigours of travel. The box is printed with images from the deck, as well as some information about the cards.

There is no guidebook for this deck of cards – indeed it is not really needed, the cards explain themselves. A brief outline of the intended purpose of the cards is included on a single card that sits atop the deck. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this deck will be donated to charity.

This is a beautiful deck which will have appeal to both a seeker, and one who has already found Jesus. It is a perfect counterpart to the Mary Queen of Angels cards, which are also a creation from Doreen Virtue.

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Complete Details of Loving Words from Jesus

Creators: Doreen Virtue
Publisher: Lifestyles 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 44
Card Language: English
Back Design: Smiling image of Jesus wearing robes and holding a staff
Companion Material: No companion book.

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