Horror Tarot Decks

Decks with a horror theme, or based on horror movies or books.

Dark Grimoire Tarot

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The Dark Grimoire Tarot takes its inspiration from magical texts of fiction and legend - the Necronomicon and other grimoires. The 78 cards have non-traditional scenes of horror and nightmare. Often strange, they're also sometimes disturbing, particularly in the literal Hanged Man.

Movie Monster Tarot

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The Movie Monster Tarot is a fun deck of 23 cards, featuring well-known monsters and horror movie stars like Frankenstein, Elvira, Freddy Krueger, Dracula and more.

Strange Wonders Tarot

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The Strange Wonders Tarot is a horror-themed tarot based around thoroughly creepy dolls. The dark and sinister cards feature complete dolls in the major arcana, but just doll heads in the minor arcana. Self-published and available from The Game Crafter.

Tarot of the Haunted House

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Tarot of the Haunted House is loaded with tropes and archetypes from vintage horror movies and cheesy gothic romance novels. The 78 card deck is structured around the heroine's journey through a mysterious haunted house - and dark night of the soul.

Twisted Tarot Tales

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Twisted Tarot Tales is an 83-card (or 117-card, for the full version) tarot deck inspired by vintage horror comic books. It's gruesome and creepy - but also fun and modern and a little cheesy. Successfully crowd-funded, the deck is due to be published very soon.

Wormweird Tarot

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The Wormweird Tarot is a true tarot of horror - there are few romantic gothic visions in this deck! Described as "an Absinthe-fulled descent into a Victorian never-land of plague, dark magick and monsters", the cards feature skeletons and piles of bones, ghosts, ghouls and more. The images were created using stage illusions and wax sculptures that were then photographed.

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